Everyone wants to be Steve Jobs

Thanks to Walter Isaacson relentlessly peddling the Steve Jobs story through any and all means possible, a lot of folks are walking around thinking they too can be Steve. Walter is selling a pipe dream that anyone can be a Steve Jobs by simply following a formula and there are plenty of people buying this pipe dream.

The Steve wannabes go around lecturing others about building the perfect product or throw out pithy statements like “I don’t think Steve would have accepted this”.

I have news for all the Steve Jobs posers out there. Try as hard as they may, they will not even come close to being like Steve.

Steve Jobs did not spend his life trying to be someone else. While I’m sure he learned plenty from others, he achieved his tremendous successes by being himself.

So the next time you’re in a meeting with someone who thinks they’re Steve, be sure to ask if they can get you a discount at the Apple store :-)

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