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I finally get my act together!

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

After months and months of procrastination, I finally took the time to setup my blog this evening – blogosphere – here I come :-)

Spent the day at Web 2.0 Expo 2007. Highlight of day 1 was an excellent talk on Web 2.0 security by Alex Stamos. A lot of the other pitches went to the sponsors who shamelessly promoted their wares. Adobe’s Apollo was all over the place – seems like a pretty slick offering for the AJAX/rich internet app space. I briefly chatted with Kevin Lynch at the Adobe booth – seems like all the licensing around Apollo is free, the APIs are all going to be open – Adobe plans to make its revenues on tools and server function. Be interesting to see how Adobe can translate its significant market share of Flash/Adobe Acrobat into share for Apollo. Wonder if they’ll be the next target for Google …

One tool that seems pretty cool is Foldera (not sure I love the name) – conceptually similar to some work I saw while working at IBM Lotus (Activity Explorer). Plan to give it a try sometime – the price is just right for me – it’s free :-)

Saw this really cool video titled the “Machine is using us” that was shown at the keynote session – check it out if you have a few mins.

The conference organization seems extremely sloppy – seating in the rooms is very limited, the wireless connection was very spotty, saw people arguing violently with the security folks about the rights associated with their badges on more than one occasion, food was in very short supply (no munchies with coffee for example), the “vegetarian” option for lunch was a California sushi roll with crab meat in it (duh!).

Found out about the killings at Virgina Tech this evening – wonder when this type of insanity will end – just thinking of the shock and misery for all the near and dear ones of the victims makes me shudder …