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New and improved Yahoo Maps

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

Played around with the new and improved Yahoo Maps and must say it is very slick. Yahoo has done a very nice job of integrating local data with their maps – unlike Google Maps where you have to first search for businesses to have them show up on the map (this search typically produces a lot of garbage), Yahoo has a nice browse feature which lets you get to the popular businesses really quickly (and the data quality is very good). Performance also seems quite good – I even switched to satellite mode and the transition happened fairly quick.

I guess the next round of map wars is officially underway – be fun to see how Google responds :-)

Google Product Search – Not For Me

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

Saw the news on Google reworking its shopping search site and decided to check it out. For a while now, I’ve been using thefind and like it – way better than all the comparison shopping sites both in terms of usability and quality of results. While Google’s Product Search is an improvement on Froogle, I think I’m going to stick with thefind for now. Here are some of my issues:

  • All the criteria that can be used to narrow search results are at the bottom of the page while valuable real estate in the right sidebar is occupied by ads. I guess Google decided to sacrifice usability for revenue (makes sense, Wall Street now drives this ship) …
  • The lists of brands, stores, etc that can be used to narrow searches seem to have quite a few errors – for example, Packard Bell was listed as a brand for “sheet sets” – when I clicked on the brand, I was shown sheet sets from Pottery Barn – wondering if the matching initials had something to do with this … I spotted a few more errors in a similar vein, leading me to believe there is some cleanup needed behind the scenes …
  • I really like thefind‘s interface better – visual information (which is really important for shopping IMO) dominates over textual information and screen real estate is used more effectively overall.

Full Disclosure: I am good friends with Nanda Kishore – ex-CEO of thefind and we have collaborated on other projects.